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John: Excellent Leather Aprons!
Bayley: Split Leather Cowhide Aprons
Michelle: Split cowhide leather welding aprons,short sleeves-BSP6200
Steven: Dyneema Cut Resistant Gloves
Claire: Good Business Partner !
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Basic Work Glove Patterns



Clute Cut - The most popular pattern for cotton flannel gloves
– offers comfort as well as good hand protection. Seams on back of hand.







Reversible - A pattern that has the thumb positioned on the side of the glove, so it can be worn
on either hand. Particularly effective where palm or thumb receive a lot of wear.
When thumb or palm wears out, glove can be switched to the other hand.






Gunn Cut - Particularly effective in leather palm gloves, because leather on the front of
fingers extends two thirds of the way around each finger, eliminating exposed seams in
palm wear area.

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